As far as “Wilderness Medicine” goes, we just are not into the extra certifications.  We have provided this level of care in places the certifying bodies of wilderness medicine cannot event conceptualize.  We are about the reduction of costs and associated “licences”.  Can anyone tell me what a wilderness medical course can teach you in which a SARC, PJ, 18D or 68W who has had deployments cannot teach you with numerous years of experience?  We are really looking for feedback on this so if you have a comment – .  The people in the world that we operate in have developed these other courses but once you add the costs of maintaining the various licenses associated with a “wilderness” certification it just defeats the purpose of keeping costs down.

We have experts in this field to include SERE instructors and others who without chasing some certification would prefer to give you the real world situation on the equipment in which is valuable in these conditions.

Medical doctors do not seem to require a “wilderness” certification for their opinion to matter so we also bring them into the mix.  Contact us today to setup your training needs in any area you you desire.  We will come to you and bring the experts with us.