Status Quo

Knock Knock World.

Where has the quality of the medical supplies in which men and women of this country who rely on those supplies gone?  We have seen countless products bought and sold from a corporate level.  What was once great was downgraded as the following company chose to lower the price points of those products which reduced overall quality.  We are not trying to get sued just yet so we will leave the victims of this nameless at this point.  Don’t worry as we will invite lawsuits in the future to bring you back the quality you desire and need.  Being entrenched in various government entities allows us to have some insights into what isn’t working and resolve those issues by finding the same manufacturers in which our competition is using and improving upon the recipe that they refuse to refine based on industry inputs.  If an item is in an individual medical kit(call it what you want), we plan on bringing it to market soon.  Chest seals, Tourniquets, IV, Dressings, Bandages, Etc.  We are coming hard and strong and the competition will unfortunately lose some market share to the world with what we offer since we plan on doing a more direct to consumer marketing and sales approach compared to the current multi tier sales approach which is the medical world you see.

Health care costs are rising and by adding numerous middlemen in the process is only going to increase those costs to the consumer.  If we are able to bring the costs down on everyday use items that are in the hands of EMS, Fire, Police, Military, Wilderness Medicine, SAR, and other entities we can only improve the medical model in which America has had a problem nailing down.  Pharmaceutical costs are rising, insurance is increasing, people are in fear of being left behind with new policies.  The legislators are undecided and uncertainty is afoot.  What we can promise is that our goal is to develop products and to do no harm.  We know what is needed and we also understand many agencies, departments and entities cannot afford the new latest and greatest.  Why when a majority of improvised tourniquets were found to have been effective at the Boston bombing do companies insist that improvised tourniquets don’t work and you must buy the latest 20, 30, or 40+ dollar item improve those levels of effectiveness?  Yet military studies show that a majority of tourniquets regardless of sourcing did not work due to training factors such as putting a tourniquet on the wrong limb, below the injury on an extremity, not tight enough, or on an injury that did not require a tourniquet and was otherwise not treated or dressed with a bandage.

The time has come in which the medical providers step up to the plate and stand behind a cheap, locally sourced, high quality product which benefits the patient, the provider and all others associated with the finances of treating patients in medical emergencies.

As a side note – the companies who are overcharging for the “STOP THE BLEED” campaign based units to include wall mounts and other items, we are gunning for you.  Stop the OVERCHARGING before you stop the bleed.  We don’t need to be profiteering from a government campaign and taking money out of the pockets of the organizations who in the coming years due to an increase in threat will need the products to save lives.  “These Things We Do, That Others May Live.”